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How to build a productive sports culture

Build a foundation of knowledge

When we are trying to build a winning and positive culture within my football team I have come to realize that oftentimes many of the kids at Gilpin don’t know much about the sport they are playing. As my coaches and I were growing up, we watched football every weekend. We learned a lot about the sport by watching great sportsmanship, hearing about hardships that were overcome and even learned how the human body could move and react to situations on the football field. I have found that many of the students on my team and potential players in the hallways are just unaware of the many benefits that sports and especially football have to offer them as they grow and mature.

Pro football players and coaches know their sport. As a coach at Gilpin, I see the need to educate our students about the positives of playing sports in general, then move to further highlight our individual sport’s advantages to the high school student. I find going back to the basics while elevating those students that step up and play a sport like football pays dividends.

To build a strong football culture at your school, you need to increase the basic football knowledge of your players and potential players by promoting the actual act of watching more football, sharing short clips of football play and offering fun ways for your kids to enjoy learning about our sport by spending more time watching and talking about what football at a high level looks like.

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