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The 6 Steps for Telling a Story

Tweet Thread by: @OneJKMolina

Learn what it takes to tell a good story.

@ScottAdamsSays came up with them, and man they're good (and Tweet worthy).

Why Your Stories Suck [THREAD]

I don't care how boring you think your life is, you can craft a story out of anything

If you prepare it first, that is.

The key to good storytelling is preparation.

1. Setup

  • When you tell a story, you become the center of attention. People won't give you a lot of it so you need to keep it brief.
  • A good setup has one or two sentences at most.
  • "So I went to this barbershop one time..."
  • That's perfect. No need to say where is it located.

2. Pattern

  • Pattern is something that repeats itself over and over.
  • Because you're telling a story, it's implied that the pattern will be broken.

3. Foreshadowing

  • "So I'm walking down this creek and I can't see anything. I usually carry a flashlight with me but I left it at home."
  • Oh my, what's gonna happen?
  • Again, no reason to explain why.

4. Characters

  • Characters make up a good story if they're not characters alone.
  • You need to add some brief personality trait, give them an idea of how they will contribute.
  • Now you know Jack.

5. Relatability

  • Remember people care mostly about themselves, so choose a topic they will care about.
  • Everything can be put into a story, yes.
  • But you'll have a better response if you talk about Florida weather with your fellow Floridians than about math.
  • Keep it relatable.

6. The Twist

  • A story without a twist is just a narrative of your day.
  • Give it a twist to break the pattern you already set up.
  • Make it fun, too.
  • People won't have fun if you're not.

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