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Why is Adaptation Important?

Craig Ball

When you are resistant to change, you are setting yourself up for failure. In today's reality of constant updates and shifts in the technological culture, you must be hyper-adaptive. Making Yourself Irreplaceable is all about being confident in your ability to readjust along the way.

The days when you could know everything there was about a subject are now over. If you are tops in your chosen profession-coach, lawyer, doctor, etc., you better be good at figuring new things out while resisting the urge to slow down because of a little confusion.

Those that can thrive in a state of confusion will be the new intellectuals.

Craig Ball - Spinwit Gaming

Business Consulting
Local HS Football Coach
Executive Director of Colorado's 8-Man All-State Game
Early Colorado Gaming Industry Organizer and License holder.


Black Hawk, Colorado is an old gambling town just west of Golden on North Clear Creek at 8,000 feet of elevation. Legalized Casino Gambling was reinstated on October 1st, 1991.

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Craig Ball a football coach, instructor, and former casino owner in the Gaming District. This site is used for sharing information about what I'm reading /writing on topics like casinos, leadership, finance, campaign strategies and football.


Instagram: @thecoachball

Facebook: @eliteallstate

Twitter: @spinwit

LinkedIn: @csball


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