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    High in the Colorado Mountains

    Head Football Coach (Currently)

    Previous Life: Casinos, Operations, Finance, Campaigns, and Real-Estate Development

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    Craig Ball

    • Business Consultant
    • Local HS Football Coach
    • Executive Director of Colorado's 8-Man All-State Game
    • Early Colorado Gaming Industry Organizer and License holder.


    Black Hawk, Colorado is an old gambling town just west of Golden on North Clear Creek at 8,000 feet of elevation.


    Legalized Casino Gambling was reinstated on October 1st, 1991.

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    Craig Ball a football coach, instructor, and former casino owner in the Gaming District.


    This site is used for sharing information about what I'm reading /writing on topics like casinos, leadership, finance, campaign strategies, and football.


    Craig Ball

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    Email: craig@spinwit.com

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